Quick survey! 📝 Ask me anything in my 10 year newsletterversary survey?

Three questions! All optional! All anonymous! The best kind of survey!

Hi friends!

I have a super quick favor to ask. Will you please do me the honor of checking out my 10 year newsletterversary survey? It’s 100% anonymous, only three (3) questions long, and all the questions are optional. Responses may be included in a future newsletter.

I would especially love it if you’d take this opportunity to ask me anything (AMA). It can be a burning question about writing or comedy or Los Angeles, OR something totally random and fun. One person asked me if I would ever go on reality TV and if so, what show I’d go on (I WILL be answering this)?

Let’s have some fun and celebrate 10 years together!

Thank you so much! Talk soon!




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